brighton domnhall / male / human (wizard) / unspeakable / 6 july (cancer)

Brighton Alexaner Domhall

male, mid twenties or early teens or whatever
quiet, friendly, creepy
dark brown or blue hair (both works!), pulled back into a short pony tail
dark skin
90s, very 90s
rule 63!hpsona, into tarot cards
a BAD boy
the shadows running up the wall


dark skin, blue or brown hair, hazel brown eyes

at 11 years old

Eyes ;; hazel, kind of large… although that might have more to do with the whole ‘we’re breaking the laws of physics’ bit. he’s… still getting used to being a psychic.

Hair ;; curly-spirally dark brown hair that’s tamed by virtue of a flat iron, down to his shoulders and generally pulled back. dyed light blue because blue is awesome.

Skin ;; light brown, somewhere in the ballpark of aa6948

Height ;; rather short at 4'2", hoping for a growth spurt to be as tall as his brother.

Weight ;; 78lbs

Body Shape ;; really skinny and gangly, future ectomorph if his metabolism continues to be so fast

Outfit Choices ;; black wire-framed glasses, rosary, and Walkman and headphones. clothing wise, he’s not really picky. generally he wears light colored pants or shorts with tees or button-ups. jackets are nice too. likes bucket hats, and generally keeps a man purse satchel because he always has food and a well-stocked first aid kit.

Posture ;; pre-disposed to slouching, but will always straighten up if he realizes what he’s doing or someone mentions it

Face Shape ;; heart shaped

Common Expressions ;; he sighs and looks put upon a lot. he’s also perfected a “i’m very disappointed in you” look, thanks to his older brother. tends to have a genial smile when not being pulled into doing things.

Body Language ;;tends to suck on his tongue, or on a pen, while thinking and doing stuff – Brighton’s attempting to kick the habit but it’s hard when he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it! he’s also constantly munching on crackers and biscuits and things.


Brighton is the sort of kid who’s quiet, not because he’s shy, but because he tends to over think his answers and the opportunity to talk passes him by. When he’s around his friends and family – the people who he trusts and who know about this tendency – he’s perfectly fine with blurting out an answer some three minutes later (even after the conversation has flowed to something else), but around teachers or people who he doesn’t know?
Yeah, no, Brighton will keep his mouth shut, or mumble to himself. It takes a while for him to get used to other people, but once that happens, you’ll have a friend who would move the heavens for you. It’s made it hard to make a lot of friends in the past, but Brighton’s hoping that being in a place filled with others who can hear your thoughts might help him open up more. Or at least be less awkward (he does have some concerns, of people prying deep dark secrets from his mind, especially of the secrets he doesn’t know about).

Brighton goes out of his way to help people out, especially his friends, and is rather overprotective of those he cares about. Comes from his past, wanting to keep his precious people safe. It’s also the only way Brighton’s figured to use his more destructive psychic powers thus far, but that’s mostly because he’s hesitant to try testing out his abilities in a major city.

From his upbringing, Brighton’s well-educated, well-read, and a rather diligent student, one who will sit down, take notes, and say not a word. But he is still a boy, and is more than up to an adventure or two with his friends when they suggest something – climbing trees, swimming in the surf, anything and everything. Brighton is rather prone to accidents, as he’s both clumsy and often overextends himself, so when he proposes something, it’s often a trip to the library or camping out in the living room.

He’s got a nice smile that tends to warm his friends up. Brighton also has huge respect towards strong women. And is kind of intimidated by them. He always comes equipped with a first aid kit.



father - Harrison A. Domhall (47, pure blood)
Brighton and Mr. Domhall have a rather… estranged relationship, in part because Brighton resents the fact that he didn’t cherish his wife.

step-mother - Esi Domhall née Villeneuve (pure blood)
She’s never quite sure what to do with the older Domhall children, and tends to treat Brighton like a little adult. Brighton’s rather fine with that and is rather friendly towards Esi.

older half-brother - Manx A. Domhall (26, pure blood)
They pick on each other, but Brighton knows Manx will always have his back. To Brighton, he’s a better male role model than their father is. Manx likes sending him care packages, but they always have something that utterly embarrasses Brighton if he opens them up in public.

younger half-sister - Sylvie A. Domhall (4, pure blood)
Brighton dotes upon Sylvie, and she always responds favorably towards him. She’s a bit of a brat and tends to order her older brother around, but he takes it rather graciously.

former step-mother - Lucy Domhall née Brooks (deceased, pure blood)
She helped raise Brighton and he always considered her a “second mother”. He was rather devastated when she died.

mother - Liezel Rosales e Ison (deceased, muggle born)
Best friend to the first Mrs. Domhall, Brighton thought the world of his mother, even though she did all sorts of weird things and was often away, “visiting family” that she seems to have everywhere.

Alternate Universes

As my rule63!sona/male version of (Yuu|yuu)

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Technically this is the main 'verse
Likes: School; Tarot; Comics; Video Games
Dislikes: Pollen; Being called a mudblood; Blood Purists; People apparting right behind him
❝Expecto Patronum!❞
BEST/WORST SUBJECTS: Charms, Ancient Runes // Herbology
WAND: Inflexible, 10", Kapok wood, Fwooper Tail core, handle is made of a darker piece of kapok wood and has a design similar to a tail
HOUSE: Slytherin
PET: Western Blackneck Garter Snake named Ezili (female)
FAVORED SPELLS: Accio, Conjuring, general aptitude towards what are considered the "Dark" Arts
PATRONUS: a large snake, possibly his animagus form

Boueibu 'verse

Battle Lovers!
TITLE: Enshrouding Prince, Battle Lover Aubergine
ORNAMENT: Purple Pentagon (Pentagram?)
ATTRIBUTE: Purple / Darkness

Dream Daddy

Brighton Domhall
“secret dad”
tarot cards and magic tricks
encouraging his kids
making people happy
being asked about work
being called “bad”
accidentally scaring people off

Concept and Creation

Brighton was created as part of GxD's Man Self competition on deviantart. His first apperance is in this moderately NSFW fic, entitled V.C.R.

Other Notes

• 〈name〉 brighton alexander domhall
• 〈nicknames〉 Bright, Star, Bad, Baddie Boy
• 〈birthday〉 6 july (cancer) (Mid to late teens, played from 9 to 25+)
• 〈gender〉 male
• 〈enneagram〉 ???
• 〈height & weight〉 ???/???
• 〈blood type〉 ???
• 〈sexuality〉 ???
• 〈race〉 human (asian-caribbean) || wizard
• 〈occupation〉 student
• 〈 relationships〉 ???
• 〈 strengths〉 Multilingual, charming muggle electronics, bokor, Tarot reading, Snacking
• 〈 weaknesses〉 ???
• 〈 likes〉 Occult, Video games, Poking things with sticks, human contact, charming muggle electronics to work in the Magical world, Gobstones (he’s trying to revive Hogwarts’ club to marginal success), music, voodoo, flying, tarot cards, dice and card games, pokemon
• 〈dislikes〉 Unicorns, being alone, nuts, being caught in the rain, fire, sitting still, the sound of nails on a chalkboard, quills, pureblood supremacy,
• 〈fears〉 ???
• 〈specialty〉 Accio, Conjuring, general aptitude towards what are considered the “Dark” Arts
• 〈abilities〉 ???
• 〈dream〉 Brighton wants to be an Unspeakbale! Although making enchanted items would be kinda cool too.
• 〈theme song〉 ???
• 〈geared games〉 urban fantasy, fandom: harry potter, fandom: marvel, fandom: boueibu
• ALLERGIES: Grass, Peanuts, Pollen
• FAVORITE ANIMALS: Red Pandas, Snakes
• KINKS: Being used, rutting against something (legs and broomsticks are &heart; ), cock sucking (all three at once would be lovely)
• FACE CLAIM: Anime (???), RL (Donald Glover)
• rule63!hpsona
• - i… kind of really want to see him crossdressing because that’s really cute and I want an excuse for him to pretend to be an idol singer
• 3 - Brighton wants to be an Unspeakbale! Although making enchanted items would be kinda cool too.
• 4 - he’s actually a hogwarts character lololol. But! If he could live in any universe, he’d totally want to be in Marvel or DC because he’s a huge superhero junkie. Like… One of the biggest collections of comics at Hogwarts. he’s a sucker for strong women, so Wonder Woman is his all time fave (although he’s also 100% supportive of Static Shock). For Marvel, he’s got a huge crush on Wiccan/billy kaplan and his mother scarlet witch
a friend asked for OCs to review...
V.C.R.- NSFW Brighton's origin
bright occult, palette
psychonauts version
• F-list

all characters (c) yuu, all art (c) respective artist