Name Kasen Ameuro Himmelmez
Fandom World of Darkness
Created 2005 - via London by Night proboards game
Theme song title by ???
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AMEURO Kasen Himmelmez
female, twenty-something year old
8w7 – The Maverick
brown hair is always streaked in different colors
hazel grey-green eyes
no dresses, skirts okay!
tends to wear a black choker with a cross pendant
paranormal investigator, freelance photojournalist, fetchling
forever searching to expose the truth
birthday 3 dec


The earliest Kasen was described as “fair” skinned with “brown” eyes and “dark brown” hair “streaked with pink to her shoulders” wearing “a black choker with a silver cross in the middle and her silver rimmed rectangle glasses … Kasen always has her camera around her neck, or at least has her sketch book, just incase she sees something of interest.”

I… just… no… Although I did end up with this image for her at one point which I mostly agree with (save the clothes - she is not a squeenix character lol).

At some point, I played her in rps that required fcs. First I used Jun Natsuakwa but later I felt that MakiHorikita is 10000% better as a fc and is who i use when irl fcs are needed. Drawn fc was Aya Shameimaru from Touhou.

The sketchbook bit disappeared, but she’s definitely always holding a camera. I’m thinking now dark brownish hair (often dyed or streaked in various colors), non-brown colored eyes (I’m thinking hazel).
But I’m keeping the idea of her kicking ass in skirts and long coats because noice.

Physically, she’s pretty average Japanese – she didn’t get her dad’s height, but her brother did! – maybe a bit more fit from chasing down supernaturals.


Kasen is a self-assured young woman who can put on a mask of a calm and demure girl, while hiding razor sharp intellect and a need to know everything. Although, in Kasen’s mind, it’s her job to know a little bit of everything. You’ll never see her without her phone, camera, or notebook. Despite her small stature, Kasen is surprisingly strong and has great endurance, both physically and mentally, which she attributes to working as a beat reporter to New Scotland Yard. She has no problem digging in for the facts n either, and it’s hard to dissuade her from the path she starts walking on. Kasen has lived a rather normal life - she studied hard as a child, placed into good schools, and the moment she graduated from high school, was on a flight to London to attend Oxford. She actually has a degree in linguistics and had planned to become a translator, but she somehow ended up at a small local newspaper while at uni.

And that’s when Kasen fell in love with journalism. After graduating, she stayed with the paper
business, becoming well known in the industry as the go-to gal to get accurate translations. She’s
bounced from paper to paper until she finally decided to freelance and travel wherever she wanted
and report on what she saw.


Other Notes

Nicknames: Ka-chan、River、RiverSky304
height & weight = 157cm & 44kg
B Type Blood
Bisexual, panromantic freelance photojournalist / supernatural hunter

〈relationships〉 mother, father, Hiroya (brother), Tsubasa (adopted nephew / brother in law), Jubal (dog), Lei (cousin)

Hitomi, Alex, Demitri, Angeli, Andlat, Bishop Oswaldo Simmons / Oz *

Photojournalism、Luck、Linguistics、Running、Lock picking、 Ferreting out secrets、

Eavesdropping、Cooking、Sweet things、Personal relationships、


〈dislikes〉 Auto translate、Parlor tricks、Being alone、Confidentiality、Familial duty * 〈fears〉 Drowning、Silence、Becoming a monster

Languages & Linguistics (Japanese、English、German、French、Chinese (Cantonese、learning Mandarin)、
Ancient Greek & Latin & Sanskrit)

〈dream〉 To continue finding the best scoops, and to be the best reporter ever! to make the world more accepting of its supernatural denizens

〈abilities〉 Sixth sense、bonds can’t hold her, meaning she can get in and out anything with nary
a problem (a good ability to have as an investigative journalist). She can also see bonds between people, and
can even cut the strings of fate that bind them, although that requires something that can cut them.

  • favorite color? green & pink
  • least favorite color? orange
  • collects? scars
  • clothing? functional but does like punkis, 90s goth flair
  • favorite animal? crows, jubal
  • least favorite animal? cows - they're creepy if they're not on a plate
  • socioeconomic level? upper middle class as a child
  • hobbies? translating, photography, lockpicking
  • special skills & talents? picking up languages, getting into weird situations
  • patience level? slightly above average
  • favorite foods? hamburgers and fries
  • favorite book? Kamikaze Girls, Hyakki Yagyou
  • preferred weapon? knives, guns
  • currently living? wherever there's a story
  • makes a living by? freelance photojournalist
  • race, ethnicity, and nationality? Japo-Germ-American (Japanse mother, german-american father)
  • peronsal problems? i've got 99 problems and all of them try to eat or kidnap me. Or are my Mother.
  • kind of student in school? honors student
  • favorite object? camera
  • as a child…? closed off and alienated
  • eats? food! no really, so long as it's not nattou she's totally into it
  • likes name? yes
  • siblings? hiroya (older brother)
  • jewelrery? wears it on occasion. has a choker and pierced ears.
  • have they ever wanted to commit suicide? yes, but has never tried. also hasnn't felt that way since becoming Imbued.
  • close friends/ kizu, jou, jubal, hitomi (maybe) demitri (even biger maybe)
  • childhood dream when they grew up? to become a magical girl!
  • belief in the afterlife? “It's there… it has to be…”
  • views on gambling, lying, killing, etc…? gambling's okay, ling is fine if it's for a good cause, killing… she's more hesitant to okay.
  • stand up for what she believes in? yes, always.
  • value money? it's a necessary evil that buys one pretty things… and food.
  • ranch or italian dressing? italian
  • coke or pepsi? pepsifavorite holiday? new year's
  • involved with magic or witchcraft? yes
  • wants to get married? wants ot have kids, raise a family? maybe! in the future though. eventually wants kids, although she's worried about how good a mother she'd be.
  • how have ghosts affected kasen's view on their own afterlife? it sucks to be some people. also, being vengeful is stupid.
  • ticklish? a little it, especially around her neck (thanks to vampries who keep biting her there it's gotten sensitive)
  • would dare to kill somoene? yes, but only if there' sno better solution in time
  • body modications? intentionall pierced ears, unintential scars
  • F-list (NSFW)
  • hunter girl (palette)
  • お誕生日おめでとう河川ちゃん
  • trello
  • 河川の物語

Alternate Universes

Concept and Creation

character created: 18 June 2005
how has her look/design changed over time? Kasen's become more refined – she's got a real personality and isn't just following behind others, becoming more of her own person. that being said, her appearance has finally stopped ping ponging and is pretty stable
kasen's probably one of my oldest and most beloved OCs ever. A paranormal invesigator with way too much luck… now is it good or bad…?

all characters (c) yuu, all art (c) respective artist