A Dreamy. He pilots a mech. His older (adoptive) brother is Almas.


waifish male dreamy
9 puff tails, hip fins, perk ears
palette (safer)
make him smol and in charge or smol and scared pls. just keep him smol
166cm and ???kgs


loyal dorky stick in the mud
Nilam’s a bit of a dork but ridiculously loyal to those he cares about.
He also has no problems calling out their idiocy if it thinks it will hurt his precious people.
He can be a huge stick in the mud because he’s always worrying about others. Nilam’s a stickler for rules – but has no problem with breaking them if he’s worried enough about his precious nakama.
also likes taking it any way he can because yes
tl;dr moody as fuck before he cares and worries too much

LIKES; Good books, Low lighting and quiet spaces, His friends, Flowers
DISLIKES; Disorganization, Loud noises, Being trapped,


former test subject, now a mad scientist himself
assumes he has amnesia like most other beings but it’s actually due to trauma and not radiation.
Seeing his brother be killed in the lab he was trapped in does not help. Before Jasper brought him to Alba, he’d never seen flowers but he was told about them by his brother

Alternate Universes


Concept and Creation

loosely based off of Saphir from BSSM
inspiration and design inspired by saphir from bssm, specifically KURODA Yuri's portrayal in the the sera myu

Other Notes

my lab; my rules
Creates droids, Spectral hand

all characters (c) yuu, all art (c) respective artist