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a member of the Katari Family, Azami's younger sister



Despite being socially awkward (with an added dash of culture shock after not being in Japan for the better part of 10 years), Shion is a positive young woman, with a strange, but very firm moral code from her upbringing. Talk to her about books and languages and the latest gallery openings and she'll be happy. She's not genius level in academics, but she's good at languages. Math and sciences she's okay at - especially trig and geometry, but anything higher level she's kind of… wants to avoid.


Shion happens to be a bit of a black white sheep of her family, considering the fact that her parents
are world renowned (and still uncaught) phantom thieves and her older sister straddles the line
between vigilantism and villainy on a nightly basis.

For a good portion of her life, she's lived abroad, traveling a few times a year to accommodate her parents' jobs (her father works as a freelance photojournalist and his wife is his assistant and since they specialize in villains well… it's a perfect cover! Why are they in the same city as Kaitou Curupira and Nezumi? They're covering the heist of course!). In hopes of giving her a more stable upbringing, Shion's older sister Azami moved back to Japan, Shion in tow, so she could be in one place for her three years of high school. Shion's wish to become a hero is from her desire to help people - Azami is surprisingly more than okay with this, and is very supportive of Shion and prays she does well in the entrance exam.

Other Notes

Philyra, the Origami hero
• Quirk: paper. Is able to manipulate paper, but cannot construct it. Is SOL without any paper on hand
• “Black sheep” (or is it white sheep?) Of a family of supervillians - aiming to be their own person as a
• 2nd/3rd gen quirk user
• Parents are two infamous villains, as is their older sibling (well, they're kind of maybe just vigilantes
but they're villains too so…)
• Dark hair with red streaks or low lights.
• Dad controls paper money. Mom has creates one use constructs based on kanji. Sibling creates long
lasting constructs (longer the word, longer they last) based on Germanic languages but they have to
be written within ten seconds.
• Should probably be wearing gloves (because I love those like half gloves that only cover the fingers
and top part of the palms) but currently her fingertips need to touch the paper to control it.
• a huge reader! especially loves mystery novels! would never use paper from a beloved book unless
the alternative was death or something
• she's quiet and socially awkward because she's not used to being in one place for a long time. but
overall, she really enjoys meeting new people and learning stuff about them and books???
• seriously, if you start talking about literature, shion is totally willing to sit and listen to people talk
about their fave books. a good listener who keeps quiet about themselves.
• Quirk: Paper (?) (Emitter type) | This quirk allows the manipualtion - but not thr creation of - paper
and paper based products (papyrus, parchment, paper cups, etc). The user can manipulate the paper,
making it sharper, changing it's shape (so long as it's possible with the piece being manipulated), and
move it around within her field (approx a 6 meter radius). At this time, Shion can only manipulate
paper she has personally touched and the moment it leaves her field, her control stops. Time and
training expands her field and could, potentially, allow her to control paper within her field without
touching it first. Water makes her abilities less effective (paper becomes sluggish and limp unless
she's actually touching it) and fire burns up most of her constructs unless it's made of fire retardant
• Agility & Dexterity - Shion is never going to have the strongest punch or able to run a marathon with
ease, but she's quick on her feet and quicker with her hands, from training with her parents. She has
a variety of less than legal skills from lock picking.
• 5'9“ & 126lbs (Shion is tall and thin, in part due to genetics but she's also mindful of what she eats.
Her sister uses her for modeling work and is a bit of a health nut she cries every time hamburgers are
served at school because they're so tasty but not allowed in her apartment, so they're a guilty
• Shion isn't particularly happy with her starting hero suit. It was designed by Azami and the only
input Shion had was “I need it to hold a lot of paper” and it does but… She looks like a Ccicada…
• Shion's hero costume weighs aproximately 10lbs, including boots but not the added weight of all her
paper. It has an absurd amount of pockets and places to hide paper (the tails of her vest actually is all
pocket). The material is flame retardant, waterproof, made of a knitted polyfiber-carbon nanotubes
fiber blend
Shion Katari (言葉紙音)
Human (BNHA verse)
neutral good
20 May (taurus)

all characters (c) yuu, all art (c) respective artist