yuu, as drawn by hackwolfin @ deviantart
art by hackwolfin @ deviantart
Yuu Gamon
Fandom: fate/, panfandom
theme song:

A self-insert / persona / pan-fandom OC.
If you want to imagine what I (Yuu) look like, feel free to use this character as a basis hahaha.


Yuu stands at an unimpressive 5'1“, because of that she tends to wear shoes with a bit of a lift.
Jackets are always an acceptable gift as she wears them constantly. Same with hoodies.
She needs glasses and has several different pairs to fit any occasion, but does have contacts.
Jewelry wise, she likes earrings but doesn't own many. Most of the things she wears either has functionality (like dice rings or smart watches) or are fandom related in some fashion.
She's on the smaller size in the chest (and that's how I prefer she gets drawn), but if art depicts her larger, it's not a huge issue for me.
New outfits are always welcome - sweaters, and plaid and skirts are unf. nothing is off the table
Her shoes should always have height, so like heeled sneakers or boots are always good



Fate/In the Sky 'verse

Set in a universe parallel to the main Fate/ series, F/itS follows several main events with a twist.
Yuu is a student at the Clocktower in the Anthropology department1 , although she is also a
researcher at the Chaldea Security Organization. She was supposed to be one of the Chaldea Master Candidates but declined, as she was still feeding energy to both Rider and Caster2 . Her fiancé is Waver Velvet3 , better known as Lord El-Melloi II.

Previous Wars

Holy Grail Wars 1, 2, 3, and 4 happen as it does in F/SN and F/Z canon. A fifth Holy Grail War occurs between 1994 and 2004, wherein Marisbury Animusphere participates, summons Solomon and proceeds to wish for the start up money to begin Chaldea Security Organization. Solomon's wish comes true at that point as well. Waver Velvet also participates and while he doesn't win, his wish comes true, and Rider now exists as a human, similar to Gilgamesh. Holy Grail War 6 (Fate/Stay Night) occurs in 2004, but does not follow the endings of Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, or Heaven's Feel, similar to hollow ataraxia. In the F/itS universe, the 6th Grail War ends with the corruption within the grail system being eradicated, and Saber, Archer, Berserker (who has somehow broken out of his
Mad Enhancement a la Holy Tiger Grail) and Rider lives with their respective masters who have grown up into fine mages in their own right.

Chaldea Security Organization

Much like F/GO, Chaldea works to prevent the certain extinction of the human race. It's through Chaldea that the 7 wars are being organized so as to not unduly cause harm to the leylines and properties in those locations. Untrusting of the Church, Chaldea has sent their own operatives to
observe, mediate and run the latest Holy Grail War.

Alternate Universes

See Brighton for rule 63!Yuu. See Yuu's AUs for a list of all alternate universes Yuu is used in.
There are currently designs for Yuu in the following species:
Bremian by xCastra
Coat Beans
Dimensional Ladies
unnamed species by Hackwolfin

Concept and Creation


initially the design was based on a doll maker, tweaked to better fit, well, me. as a panfandom OC /
self-insert there's a lot of various AUs that she fits in


“Yuu” comes from combining the kanji for friend and feathers, an obvious go to handle online. The
fact that it can be read as “Yuu” works well since it's a short hand of one of my oldest online handles.
Feel free to call me Yuu, or Feather, or Brill, or anything else you might know me as.
“Gamon” came from ???

Other Notes

?5w6 - the problem solver (lvl7)
?huge nerd, constantly thinking about fandoms, ttrpgs, books, manga, and other “childish things” i
refuse to give up
?jacket enthusiast
?slytherin for life
?pan fandom SI/OC
?home fandom is technically fate/
?queerplatonic partnership with waver velvet
?enjoys fusion cuisine, fuck the haters
?can curse like a sailor despite not looking like it
?shares a birthday with suguru
?foxes, magpies, capybaras
?5'1”, likes shoes with heels because of that

?eventually i'll put more meaingful stuff here

1 Yuu's area of research is on the origins of Magic and how Magic has evolved around the world, how some things transcend time, place, and location, and how Magic differs.
2 While capable of summoning a host of servant's through the Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System “FATE”, Yuu prefers to depend on Caster. Caster's True Name is Lucifer, a Servant who is somewhere between Divine Spirt and True Daemon. Despite his reputation, he still considers himself a hero, or at least an anti-hero, championing for free will.
3 Waver Velvet and Yuu are engaged, and while they enjoy each other's company, they are not romantically involved, their relationship is some sort of philia or storge love. They're best friends but not inclined for a physical relationship, which is going to make their wedding night all sorts of awkward when it happens.


all characters (c) yuu, all art (c) respective artist